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Health Tourism Guide
Šiauliai – often labelled as the city of sun – is the fourth largest city in Lithuania, located in the Northern region. It is 210 km away from Kaunas and 186 km away from Vilnius. Šiauliai is a modern city that provides visitors with a new world of health tourism opportunities.
Information about the city

Šiauliai city welcomes all. The city has a myriad of places to visit, including historical landmarks, unique architectural works, and museums. Šiauliai has managed to build a name for its musicians and artists who entertain the visitors in drama theatres located within the city.

Some of the notable interesting places include the Photography Museum, the Hill of Crosses, the Bicycle Museum, the Cat Museum, the Iron Fox Chocolate Museum, Zaliukiai Miller’s Homestead, and the Apostles Peter and Paul’s Cathedral. Depending on the preference of the visitors, the city has a capacity to offer top-notch SPA, health, accommodation and wellness services.

In regards to health, the city has an effective healthcare system that compels healthcare centres to offer high-quality services. Interesting places for health tourism can be found around the city, providing treatments using natural remedies such as local herbs and amber therapy.

Interesting facts and some useful information

Šiauliai is among the best cities in regard to offering affordable healthcare services. Higher education is one of the main focus areas of the city, that is why professionals working in healthcare centres guarantee the rapid development of services for a healthier life of its visitors.


Šiauliai is strategically situated and therefore supports a variety of means of transport, most notably including air transport.


Šiauliai city invites everyone to relax, meditate, and improve their health regardless of their occupation or beliefs. The Hill of Crosses located not so far from Šiauliai is one of the most known sites that excite the curiosity of many of its visitors. It is a unique monument with thousands of crosses and its numbers increase every day with the help of curious visitors.

Map of Treatment centers, Clinics and Health SPA Hotels
Šiauliai Tourism Information Centre

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