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Alytus, the sixth largest city of Lithuania and also the biggest city in Southern Lithuania, is 66 km and 105 km away from Kaunas and Vilnius respectively. Abundant with verdurous hills and forests, the city is all about nature and the peace it gives. Nemunas River gives the city a sense of life through its 16 km long windings.
Information about the city

Alytus city offers tourists a world of opportunities to explore – ranging from lakes to national parks. Vidzgiris botanical garden and Alytus mound serve as the main sightseeing areas owing to their rich flora, historical and cultural monuments.

With more than 70 lakes and forests, the district offers a green environment that is an integral part of recreational activities. In addition, Žuvintas, one of the oldest national protected territories, is found in this region and houses a wide array of the Biosphere Reserve. Some parts of the Nemunas Loops Regional Park, Dzūkija National Park, and the Regional Park of Meteliai are also within this district. Enticing pine woods and peacefulness of nature create the perfect place for visitors to relax and improve their health.

Interesting facts and some useful information

Alytus land has gained fame around local food lovers. Visitors compliment Dzukian dishes that include potato loaves, sea buckthorn berries, granny cakes, bread roads, and fish stew. All these food varieties are available in all the restaurants located in Punia, Pivašiūnai, Kančėnai, and Alovė.


The city has its own rhythm. Locals and guests spend their free time in an interesting combination of reenergizing and relaxing activities. Parks on the banks of river Nemunas are a perfect location for recreational activities such as relaxing walks, pony rides or friendly encounters with horses. In addition to the recreational activities, the visitors feast on local food.


Alytus district has a vast of interesting places ranging from natural monuments to historic sites. The Jewish Memorial has visual appealing elements such as the symbolic Star of David and 9 pyramids. Other unique historic sites include Chalet of the Balkans, Lume Stone, and the Rabbit house.

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