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Health Tourism Guide
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Klaipėda is the 3rd biggest city and the only port in Lithuania, only ~300 km from Vilnius. Breathing together with the sea, Klaipėda welcomes cruise ships and tourists to visit numerous beaches, fascinating sea museum, summer sea festivals, intriguing Old town and so much more.
Information about the city

Klaipėda is a charismatic city with historic buildings dating from the 13th to 18th centuries that are the heart of Klaipėda, providing a great deal of attraction to visitors. Some of these older buildings feature picturesque half-timbered construction. It is best to admire the beautiful German-influenced architecture in Klaipėda’s old town square.

The Kopgalis Fort complex, which houses the Maritime Museum, Aquarium and a Dolphinarium, is one of the main attractions in Klaipėda. The Dolphinarium is the only one of this kind in the entire eastern part of the Baltic coast. Visitors come from all over the world not only to enjoy dolphin shows but also to heal with dolphin therapy for children with disability.

This city has a lot to offer to enhance its visitors’ health. Klaipėda’s unique location allows guests to enjoy different forms of rehabilitation, and medical treatments strengthened by the natural therapeutic remedies of the Baltic Sea.

A lengthy walk by the sea already has a positive effect on your health, as inhaling mineral particles in the air is good for airways and bronchia. All thalasso therapies are based on reconstructive ingredients of the sea and are uniquely powerful in healing a stressed body and soul.

Interesting facts and some useful information

The weather of seaside cities is full of iodine, which strengthens the effects of health procedures. So it is easy to enjoy fresh air during a walk in one of the city parks or woods surrounding the city.


Klaipėda is usually the only ice-free port. It is the most important Lithuanian transportation hub connecting sea, land and railway routes from east to west. It takes just around 30 min to the nearest airport and a bit more than 3 hours to reach the capital by car.


Visit beautiful sand beach at Smiltynė, which is favoured by locals and tourists in the summer. Smiltynė beach is in UNESCO world heritage list as part of the Curonian Spit. In the Northern part of Klaipėda, there are Giruliai and Melnragė beaches that are big and popular places to visit.

Map of Treatment centers, Clinics and Health SPA Hotels
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