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Kretinga, a small and one of the oldest settlements in Lithuania, is located 288 km from Vilnius and 23 km from Klaipėda. Its proximity to the sea gives the city a cozy temperature and a quiet peaceful atmosphere.
Information about the city

Tourists who visit this city are interested in museums, parks, and local culture. Visitors enjoy sightseeing tours to Pastaunikas Park, Winter Garden, and Kretinga Museum. Winter Garden is open and green all year round and attracts visitors with exotic plants and beauty of nature. It is located right next to Kretinga Manor which invites guests to wander among statues, ponds, old oaks and tree alleys

Other sites that are slowly gaining interest include Salantai Regional Park, Lake Kasučiai, and the meanders of river Minija. The proximity of the city to the sea plays a significant natural role in fostering the wellness of the tourists. Psychologists argue that a peaceful, quiet and relaxing atmosphere, as the one offered by the sea, relieves stress from the body.

Interesting facts and some useful information

Kretinga is dominated by natural resources ranging from rivers to mineral resources such as peat, geothermal water, and oil. Sventoji and Samogitian rivers provide serene environments for aquatic tourist. Vaineikiai forests together with Salantai Regional Park are most preferred by tourists who have a heart for adventure. Kasucial Lake, the only natural expansive water body in the city also attracts a significant number of tourists.


Kretinga city is strategically positioned making it possible to use road and railway forms of transport in this district. The city has a dense road and railway that enables the tourists to reach various sites of interest with a limited time and in a convenient manner. For instance, by road, one can be in a position to visit Skuodas, Gargždai. Liepaja, and Palanga. Most of the tourists who visit this area reach Vilnius and Lithuanian port by railway.


Boat riding is common among tourists who visit Samogitian River, lake and artificial dams in the region. Events and festivals are valued in Kretinga. Some of the notable events in this city include The Kaukutis, The Manorial Festival, and the Shrove Tuesday. In this city, tourists also engage in shopping activities related to the purchase of traditional craft products and food.

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Kretinga Tourism Information Centre

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