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Prienai is a small Southern Lithuanian town that is located 100 km away from Vilnius and 30 km away from Kaunas. Business in this city is focused around the beautiful nature dominated by lakes, rivers, and forests, which together with aviation traditions intrigues tourists to spend their holidays here.
Information about the city

With Center of Aviation Construction Federation and Parachutists Sports Club located right next to the city, aviation has managed to become a part of city life and tourist attractions. It has been engaging visitors from all over the world to watch and participate. Prienai invites guests and locals to visit the beautiful town park, The Grand Duke of Lithuania Kestutis Monument, The Wooden Church of Visitation of Christ, the regional museum, a Prienai Mould, and the central freedom square.

This is probably the most beautiful Lithuanian corner where people typically come for the rural tourism. Despite that, Prienai is also known for the SPA facilities and various beauty services. Guests are able to completely relax, indulge in a variety of treatments with natural remedies, or engage in outdoor activities like renting kayaks, boats, going for fishing trips, berry or mushroom picking.

The natural environment is the greatest treasure of the whole region, which is why the larger part of the territory belongs to the Nemunas Bends Regional Park with an aim to preserve scenic valleys, fascinating loops of the river, and the spectacular surrounding forests.

Interesting facts and some useful information

People born in this region have been known for being intellectuals and hardworking individuals. Bluma Zeigarnik, a famous psychologist, was born in this town. Zita Kazimiera, a famous poet who was instrumental in battling religious persecution during the period of struggle for independence in Lithuania, has her roots in this city.


As the name suggests, this mound has a visible connection to well-known historical figure Napoleon Bonaparte. For its unique shape and resemblance of a historical item, most of the people who tour Prienai visit the site to get inspired by a mixture of humour, history and nature.


Many visits this area for the thrill and excitement that flying and parachuting gives. However, despite the thrill, it is local nature that inspires and surrounds active tourists and those who came here to enjoy the peacefulness that only a small town can provide. Prienai allows visitors to appreciate this beautiful landscape from the sky as well as from the ground.

Map of Treatment centers, Clinics and Health SPA Hotels
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