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Health Tourism Guide
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Birštonas is situated on the right bank of Nemunas river and surrounded by Nemunas Loops Regional Park. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful balneology resorts in Lithuania. Known for its royal roots and the famous mineral water, the resort is located only 90km away from Vilnius and just 40 km away from Kaunas.
Information about the city

Surrounded by pine forests and the Nemunas River, this scenic resort welcomes its visitors with tranquil, relaxing and most of all body and soul-healing atmosphere. Birštonas has a lot to offer from modern therapy centres and exceptional cultural life to the serenity of old-fashioned houses and long-lasting traditions of healing using natural therapeutic remedies.

Birštonas offers some exceptional tourist and health objects: Mineral Water Graduation Tower, Mineral Water Pavilion and the Kneipp Garden. City appeals to guests with modern SPAs, hospitable hotels, restaurants, plenty of outdoor activities and memorable events. The resort has unique and high-level cultural life. Excellent high-acoustic-quality halls host classical and jazz music concerts, art exhibitions.

Birštonas also has hotels and country farmsteads adapted for rural tourism, along with nature's gifts – mineral water springs, healing mud, clean air and pleasant climate. Therapy centres in Birštonas offer quality health tourism, wellness and SPA services: halotherapy, therapeutic mud baths, mineral water pools, baths, massages and a wide range of curative procedures.

Interesting facts and some useful information

Birštonas was mentioned for the first time in the 14th century as a “homestead of salty water”. Many Lithuanian dukes and other noblemen vacationed at Birštonas during the 14th and 16th centuries to rest and hunt.


The resort takes pride in its bromine-rich mineral water that’s recognized and awarded in Europe. There are several deep springs in the area. Locals and guests can taste it in several places in the city, for example, form the pump-room located in the Vytautas Park. Natural mineral water is also bottled locally and can be found in stores under names of Vytautas or Birute.


Birštonas embraces a unique philosophy of Sebastian Kneipp that focuses on curative water qualities and its use for building up your immunity. This philosophy unites five elements of natural wellness: physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, nutrition, exercise, and harmony. Try out the free body hardening procedures in the Kneipp Garden.

Map of Treatment centers, Clinics and Health SPA Hotels
Birštonas Tourism Information Centre

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