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Health Tourism Guide
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Druskininkai is one of the best and the fastest growing resort towns in Lithuania, located only 120 km from Vilnius. Since the 19th century, it has been known for its treatment facilities, welcoming atmosphere, picturesque landscape and coziness of the city.
Information about the city

Druskininkai is an excellent place for those who want to get their personal health back, as the city is surrounded by allegedly healing springs and absolutely stunning nature. The town is situated in a picturesque landscape with rivers, lakes, hills, and forests. This view can be enjoyed from the cable car that connects Druskininkai Aqua Park and Snow Arena, the only winter sports complex open all year round in the Baltic States.

This resort is also a perfect place to enjoy events, museums, and art. Creations of famous Lithuanian artists M.K. Čiurlionis and V.K. Jonynas can be admired in local galleries. City guests take their time exploring unique unconventional museums located in the area. Gruto Park is an extravagant place to visit, here artifacts from Soviet times are collected and showcased in one location. Many cultural events take place in the city, most of them during spring, summer, and autumn.

Today Druskininkai is an official healthcare resort and the fastest-growing recreation destination. Breathing the pure air, drinking mineral water straight from the natural springs, having baths in natural therapeutic peat and doing so much more for your health and mind is what makes this destination unique.

Interesting facts and some useful information

Druskininkai is recognized for its mud which is used in different therapies in order to relieve respiratory issues, improve the digestive system and to treat muscle, joints and nerve system problems.


There are 7 mineral water springs in town. Mineral water is one of the main natural therapeutic remedies used in SPA procedures. It has at a positive effect on the nervous system, stomach, skin, and immunity.


Druskininkai is a health resort with the longest practiced SPA traditions. During the years SPA centres and hotels highly developed servicing and arranged special packages according to the levels of fatigue and the needs of the visitor: healthy heart, massage delight, beauty and much more.

Map of Treatment centers, Clinics and Health SPA Hotels
Druskininkai Tourism Information Centre

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Address Gardino st. 3, Druskininkai LT66204
Phone Number +370 313 51777