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Health Tourism Guide
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This resort area is located in eastern Lithuania, just 110 km from Vilnius. It unites the city of Ignalina and two small villages. It is a unique place in Lithuania surrounded by several dozen intricate rivers, 200 lakes, reservoirs and protected national and regional parks.
Information about the city

Ignalina and two surrounding villages of Stigailiškis and Palūšė were recognized for their recreational resources. It is a land of lakes and forests that radiates a mood of relaxation and peace. Scenes of amazing beauty attract those who seek picturesque natural views, fishing, water activities, boat trips, bike rides, winter sports or a quiet holiday in a rural tourist location.

There are four beaches in Ignalina. The beaches are by the lakes of Gavys, Palaukinis, Ilgis, and Šiekštys (Žaliasis). The health path is situated on a beach by Gavys Lake. The path is made of different sizes of stones, which massage the feet and improve blood circulation. Being surrounded by as many as 200 lakes and intricate rivers this resort area is bustling with activity in the summer. However, many find tranquility and quiet while camping, canoeing, fishing or exercising in this natural and inviting area.

Interesting facts and some useful information

A bee is one of the most hardworking creatures in Lithuanian folklore and it is no surprise that in Ignalina there is a Traditional Beekeeping Museum. This museum is circled by old beehives, the wooden hives are decorated with sculptures or covered with straw. There it is possible to buy honey collected from the area around the museum.


Aukštaitija National park is in the district of Ignalina and there are many hiking or bicycle paths in the National park. Guests can enjoy fresh air and beautiful nature while taking a walk around Paplovinis or Gavys lake. Many enjoy relaxing bike ride or a walk from Palūšė village surrounded by pine forests.


This city knows how to enjoy winter beauty. Crispy fresh air and spectacular views of pine forests in winter attract visitors. Also, visitors enjoy participating or watching lovers of winter activities at The Lithuanian Winter Sports Centre, which is open all year round. In winter you can rent skiing equipment and enjoy Alpine skiing slopes while in summer it offers opportunities to relax next to Žaliasis lake.

Ignalina Tourism Information Centre

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