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Health Tourism Guide
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Molėtai is an Eastern Lithuanian town located 63 km from Vilnius. Being surrounded by lakes, and forests, the city offers clean air and a serene environment for relaxation. Tourism is the main economic venture in this town and thus, there are numerous activities and facilities designed for your entertainment.
Information about the city

With plenty of beautiful places for holiday accommodation and camping, Molėtai attracts an array of tourists throughout the year. There are unique and fascinating sites in Molėtai district.

One of them is Labranoras Regional Park which meets its visitors with the amazing secret world of nature. Ethnocosmology museum introduces the visitors to the customs and the history of the area while Molėtai observatory provides a platform through which telescope observations are done. Lake Asvėja being the longest lake in Lithuania receives a significant number of visitors all year round.

This city invites everyone to visit local museums, majestic lakes, and beautiful parks. Molėtai utilizes nature as a channel of enhancing the well-being of the visitors. It combines modern diagnosis and treatment approaches with natural climate therapy in its medical tourism plan. Ensuring that there is clean air and effective aquatic tourism is the major focus of the city.

Interesting facts and some useful information

Molėtai is rapidly growing in numbers of high-quality- oriented facilities located in the middle of forest and web of lakes. Local hotels are located just 15 km away from the major observational sites such as Museum of Ethnocosmology. They are well developed and equipped with numerous facilities including SPA and wellness centres, swimming pools and free Wi-Fi services. These facilities offer the visitors comfort beside ensuring that health is safeguarded.


The largest number of people who visit Molėtai are always interested in its cultural heritage and serene nature. With 220 clean lakes, fishery museum, local museum, and Molėtai observatory, the city offers the visitor a rich store to explore. Tourists who come to this city must also visit Liesėnai Moulds, Alanta Mansion, and Dubingiai moulds, which provide an insight into the history of the area.


Molėtai city has a myriad of recreational facilities and events for the visitors. Depending on individual preferences, boat riding, recreational-sightseeing, horse riding, bike riding on the banks of the lakes, excursion in Dubingiai, and adventure tourism in the forests is available.

Map of Treatment centers, Clinics and Health SPA Hotels
Molėtai Tourism Information Centre

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