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Panevėžys, the fifth largest city in Lithuania and the capital of Aukštaitija region, is strategically situated at the crossroad of several significant roads – 137 km from Vilnius, and 130 km from Kaunas. It is located along Nevėžis River and acts as an important cultural centre and industrial city for the region.
Information about the city

Panevėžys city has a myriad of tourist attraction factors ranging from high-quality relaxation facilities to interesting architecture in the city and beyond. The main sightseeing areas in this city include the Narrow gauge railroad, Miltinio theatre, Sengalvė, and Laisvės square, which is famous for its craft workshops and art galleries.

To fully appreciate the beautiful nature and fascinating architecture of the area guests enjoy visiting old manors, local museums, and regional parks in the district. It is important to visit manors and museums that are located in the Panevėžys district, such as Krekenava Regional Park, Rokiškis Museum.

Panevėžys has a reputation for being a clean, cozy and green city. At the same time, it is an important industrial spot and local centre for quality-oriented businesses people. Medical tourism is gaining popularity in Panevėžys not only because of SPAs and medical centres’ initiatives to innovate but also for good price and quality ratio.

Interesting facts and some useful information

Regarding sport and its part in an individual’s life, Panevėžys shares similar views with Kaunas. Guests will see locals cycling, jogging, taking relaxing lengthy walks along the Nevėžis river and it greatly encourages bystanders to take part in a healthier lifestyle.


It is easy to reach Panevėžys, as city is strategically situated at the crossroad of several significant roads and connected to Vilnius by a highway. The city is also served by a train that runs from Rokiškis to Šiauliai. Although the city has no commercial airport, it benefits significantly from the 3 international airports that are within 150 km radius.


Panevėžys city has a number of theatres, events, and famous artists. Some of the famous events in this city include Shrove Tuesday, Festival of Chamber Performances, International Folk Dance Festival, and Festival of Polish Culture. These events occur in J. Miltinis Drama Theatre, Menas Theatre and Cinema Centre. Famous artists usually grace these events, especially those that occur during the summer period.

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