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Health Tourism Guide
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Vilnius is one of the greenest capitals in Europe, recognized by UNESCO with the largest Baroque old town in Europe. Those who visit Vilnius, enjoy a vibrant mix of the unique heritage of the past and innovation of today.
Information about the city

Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania – is still an undiscovered gem for tourists from around the world. It fascinates visitors with beautiful architecture of the Old town (Gediminas’ Tower, Pilies street, Vilnius University, etc.), narrow streets and passages, green areas such as parks, public gardens and nature reserves, and so much more.

Being a centre of education, business, innovation, and culture attracts worldwide specialists. This green cosmopolitan city with astonishing architecture and a focus on high-quality services is a fantastic place for cultural, active and health tourism.

Vilnius visitors enjoy unique and individual-orientated SPA centres’ services including dental services, massages, personalized beauty treatments, aromatherapy, rituals and other.

Everything in Vilnius is within walking distance so it is easy to find closest SPA centre or SPA Hotel just minutes from most popular city attractions.

Vilnius is known for high-quality medical services in dentistry, cardiology, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and other.

It is a city where visitors can find an excellent price to quality ratio. It's no wonder why Vilnius is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Baltic region.

Interesting facts and some useful information

Vilnius is just approximately 3-hour flight away from major European capitals. This city is becoming as progressive in an ecological sense as it is green nature-wise: guests and residents can enjoy many new bicycle paths, rent an electric car or charge theirs at free public charging points!


As a capital of the ‘fastest growing innovators’ in Europe, Vilnius is internationally praised as one of the most innovative cities. The fast and instantly available Internet is almost a standard in Vilnius. There are free WiFi hotspots in hotels, venues and public spaces.


Guests and residents can enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of Vilnius. Visitors compliment this city for having a low level of noise, safe environment, widespread green areas and cleanest air of all major EU cities.

Map of Treatment centers, Clinics and Health SPA Hotels
Vilnius Tourism Information Centre

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