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Health Tourism Guide
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Neringa is one of the most beloved and cherished resorts in Lithuania, located in the beautiful and UNESCO-recognized Curonian Spit National Park. It is a place where tourists, artists, writers, and actors can relax and enjoy privacy while visiting internationally awarded beaches, pine forests, small and peaceful towns. Neringa is just 263 km away from Kaunas and 361 km from Vilnius.
Information about the city

Neringa is located south of Klaipėda on a sand spit, separated from mainland Lithuania by the Curonian Lagoon. The Curonian Spit is a unique place of massive travelling sand dunes. Today the landscape is dominated by pine forests as a result of an attempt to tame the nature, nevertheless, some of the breathtaking dunes remain.

This place was cherished for many years and even now it is developing very carefully.

While there is no bridge, Neringa is still accessible from the mainland by ferry. Elderly, families with children and prosperous people visit sea resort all year round looking for tranquility, exceptional freedom and relaxing atmosphere. Some spend their time in Neringa enjoying sand and water treatments by the sea, indulging in cultural activities or local SPAs, others by visiting local landmarks and unique places such as Parnidis dune, Stone Sculpture Park in the embankment of Juodkrantė, Nagliai natural reserve, or the lighthouse on the Urbas Hill in Nida.

Guests admire the good ecological state of the resort, its clean and clear seawater, the white sands of its seashore, and its fresh air. It is easy to indulge in healthier and active lifestyle while being here. Neringa is an ideal place for canoeing, sailing, riding a bicycle or taking a jog on the seashore. Variety of wellness facilities are open all the year around and take advantage of natural local health remedies to restore your health.

Interesting facts and some useful information

Locals have been collecting and working with amber for a long time. It has been used to create works of art, jewellery or in curative and wellness procedures to stimulate and strengthen your body with amber therapies.


Beaches in Neringa and Juodkrantė meet high environmental and quality standards and have been acknowledged by BLUE FLAG since early 2000‘s. Locals put a lot of effort in taking care of the beaches, no motor transport is allowed. There are qualified lifeguards, first aid means and medical personnel available, sport fields, children playgrounds, seperate zones for guests with pets, and restrooms are all available.


Summer season meets visitors with summer festivals, cultural and sporting events, art exhibitions. Visitors enjoy windsurfing and sailing yachts, catamarans, and "kurėnai" – old local wooden sailing vessels. During the slow season conferences, workshops, and other events are organized in Neringa.

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