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Health Tourism Guide
Lithuania - Taken by Ingrida Sarkanaitė
Why Lithuania

Medical and wellness tourism in Lithuania combines deeply-rooted traditions, the best of natural remedies and swiftness in embracing the latest trends in healthcare. That's what makes Lithuania the preferred choice for people seeking an internationally-certified LASIK operation, as well as balneotherapy aficionados. As of 2019, international visitors make up more than 10% of clients for Lithuanian health and wellness service providers, with the number growing every year.

Top-Quality Treatment
for a Fraction of the Price

Known for their rapid strides in photonics and IT development, Lithuanians have the reputation of being quick to embrace the best in technology - and the medical field is no exception. A growing number of internationally-certified clinics are offering ALL-ON-4® dental implants, and eye clinics offer both NO CUT and FS-LASIK corrective surgery with an attractive price tag. In fact, you can fly to Lithuania, stay in a five-star hotel, have the surgery, complete the recovery in one of the country's finest spas, all while paying the same price you would pay at home for the surgery alone!

Perfect Place
for Recovery

The post-treatment phase is crucial in the case of any medical procedure. Luckily, Lithuania not only has dozens of state-of-the-art clinics, but also a wide network of medical rehabilitation facilities. And medical spas are not a recent thing either, as many of them have decades of successful operation behind them. Nestled in pinewood forests, built on top of mineral water reservoirs, and surrounded by Lithuania's crystal-clear lakes and rivers - the spas of Birštonas and Druskininkai are perfect for a long and relaxing stay.

You're in
Good Hands

In Lithuania, nothing is valued more than education. That's why you may be rest assured that everyone you meet along the treatment process - from masseuses and physical therapists to surgeons - have undergone training that is on par with international standards. And while in other countries the language barrier is a significant obstacle, in Lithuania 97.3% of the population speaks at least one foreign language.

Highly Qualified

Lithuanian doctors and other medical staff receive excellent training and are often sought after abroad due to their much valued skills and expertise. They are all certified in their field with internationally recognized diplomas. They regularly participate in local and international seminars, workshops and in order to make sure their knowledge and methods are up to date with latest developments in the field and global trends.


When it comes to safety of medical treatment and health procedures, strict standards apply. We put the health and wellness of our patients first and never engage in doubtful or potentially unsafe practices. Our equipment and treatment methods are carefully tested, meet international safety requirements and are in accordance with the European law.

Hospitality &
Personal Approach

We want to make sure our clients have positive experience we us. Our staff are well trained and attentive to every client’s individual needs. We offer more than just medical service – we know that human contact is just as important and make sure every client feels welcome and receives a due amount of attention.

A Holiday to Remember

Why not mix a little bit of culture into your stay? Lithuania is an excellent choice for that - with a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, a vibrant culinary scene, and sites that take you back to Medieval times. After you've treated your body, treat your soul as well. Take a hot-air balloon ride above the Baroque churches of Vilnius. Or rent a car and discover one of the many manors and castles scattered across the country.

Beauty and Wellness

Aesthetic and wellness services in Lithuania are on par with healthcare. The country boasts both superior quality service and a reverence for nature, making it a perfect place for a laid-back holiday.

For a small country, Lithuania is incredibly versatile when it comes to the range of wellness services available. You can either recharge your inner energy resources quickly and efficiently in a day spa in the city, or opt for some serious pampering in a tranquil resort in the picturesque countryside. In fact, the Lithuanian nature itself is a wonderful remedy. The country is blessed with pleasant temperate climate, large forests and plenty of pristine rivers and lakes, even the cities are far from the busy congested urban sprawls that can be so tiresome - no city in Lithuania has more than 1 million inhabitants. There are plenty of parks and green spaces to enjoy and the air and water quality are superb - air pollution is among the lowest in Europe and there are vast resources of underground mineral water to be used for medical and aesthetic treatment.

Natural Remedies

Lithuania boasts an impressive diversity of natural remedies, such as mineral water, therapeutic mud, local herbs and even amber. Amber is one of Lithuania's natural wonders. Its therapeutic properties have been known for centuries and now are widely applied for medical and aesthetic treatment purposes. The therapeutic and aesthetic use of mud is something many of our resorts specialize in - visitors can try out baths or facial masks of white mud or black peat mud. Another way to enjoy a therapeutic mud bath is to combine it with mineral water - this treatment opens up the pores and provides the body with the micro-elements and bioactive substances it needs. With over 20 deep wells of mineral water in Lithuanian resorts, visitors are welcome to enjoy the health benefits of this natural wonder all year round. Potable mineral water has a wide range of biologically active micro-elements, allowing it to fight inflammation, regulate metabolism or the levels of acid production in the body.

The mild climate of Lithuania is also very beneficial to health, as is the pure air packed with oxygen - most health resorts in Lithuania are located among lush evergreen forests with beautiful pine trees. The seaside is particularly attractive, with a unique local culture that charms visitors with age-old traditions in fishing villages and vibrant cultural life in its beautiful towns. The Neringa region - a coastal strip of 52 km in length - is usually referred to as an open spa centre. Health and medical tourists choose this region for the high quality of services, pleasant atmosphere and, of course, remarkable nature. Local resorts offer a wide range of services and treatments - from physiotherapy and halotherapy to therapeutic baths and showers. And there's no better way to get in touch with nature than a refreshing swim in the Baltic Sea.